Podcast 5 - Paul Becker - The Earthpulse (Part 2)

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Marta Taylor talks with Paul Becker, the creator of the Earthpulse.

If you enjoyed my interview with Paul Becker in part 1, then get ready for Part 2 which talks about all of the amazing health hacks that the Earthpulse can help you with.  We talk about migraines, tinnitus, autism, burns, thyroid issues and in general, how it is that the Earthpulse specifically works.  The Earthpulse is definitely all about living limitlessly with limitless health.

Paul also shares with us, the amazing benefits and research around 9.6Hz – this is a very special frequency that you should look into more carefully.

I can’t recommend this product highly enough because now, after over 18 months of using it, I have noticed a whole bunch of health benefits myself & I wouldn’t want to sleep without it ever again – in fact, I’m just about to buy a second magnet so that I can have one directly under my pillow without the outer ring & one underneath the mattress for my body – it’s really changed my life!  I think this is a ‘must have’ product to hack your health.

We have a special code for all of our listeners to use if you choose to purchase the Earthpulse (an affiliate product) – ‘limitless’ (all lower case).  This will give you the cost of the shipping, off your total price at the checkout.

You can have it all…hack yourself to health, happiness & abundance

mt xxx



Discussion Points

[00:15]  The types of waves the Earthpulse uses

[01:27]  The importance of 9.6 Hz

[11:21]  How the Earthpulse aided with MT’s 2nd degree burn

[20:00]  The Resting Breath Hold (RBH)

[22:20]  MT’s RBH

[25:47]  How the Earthpulse helps with MT’s migraines

[30:58]  The Earthpulse & tinnitus

[36:00]  How the Earthpulse helps injuries to heal faster

[37:58]  How the Earthpulse helps to normalise thyroid function



9.6Hz information – https://earthpulse.net/432-hz-528-hz/