#4 - Paul Becker - The Earthpulse (Part 1)

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Marta Taylor talks with Paul Becker, the creator of the Earthpulse.

In my last few posts I’ve talked about how important sleep is.   Firstly how lack of sleep can affect your health. Secondly how to actually get some good quality sleep with some sleep hacks.  This interview with Paul Becker talks about his invention, the Earthpulse PEMF machine, which is another amazing – not only sleep hack – but health hack.  The Earthpulse is all about living limitlessly with limitless health.

For the past 18 months, I have been using the Earthpulse PEMF machine, every night while I sleep.  ‘What is that?’ you may ask.  Well, it’s a pulsed electro-magnetic frequency machine (PEMF for short) that helps you sleep better and also assists your body’s natural healing process whilst you are sleeping. Yes! I said the word ‘healing’!  Now I can hear you ask ‘how?’…right?  Well, for a start, It’s so good, it’s made me a mind reader…ha ha.


For the next two weeks, I have a very special podcast guest – Paul Becker, the inventor of the Earthpulse.  In this two part interview he explains how he came to design the Earthpulse; he talks about how electricity works in healing your body; and he tells us about the amazing benefits to your health from using the Earthpulse while you sleep at night – it really does give you an advantage towards limitless health.

My sleep has improved since using the Earthpulse – I sleep for longer (my sleep was getting shorter & shorter by the minute!) and I wake up feeling so refreshed in the morning – kinda like when you go camping or when you’ve been at the beach all day…that really good type of sleep.  I can also tell you that is has definitely helped with my migraines AND my breath hold has improved – Paul will explain what breath hold is in the interview – it’s a guide to see how much your mitochondria is improving.

Anyway, I don’t want to give too much away, but this is a really interesting interview and I was lucky enough to (still) be the only person that Paul has done an interview with, where you get to see his face!

Enjoy!… and if you don’t have one yet, then I dare say you will want one by the end of this two-part interview, because everyone should really have one for living limitlessly with limitless health.  We have a special code for all of our listeners to use if you choose to purchase the Earthpulse (an affiliate product) – ‘limitless’ (all lower case).  This will give you the cost of the shipping, off your total price at the checkout.

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Discussion Points

[1:03]   What inspired designing the Earthpulse

[14:07] Paul Becker’s meeting with Robert O Becker

[17:00] Regrowing your body with the silver nylon bandage

[21:04] The different brain waves

[26:33] What are Schumann resonances?

[31:09] How short wave electricity is affecting our sleep

[34:06] How Bob Beck developed the photo flash

[37:36] Marta’s experience with the Earthpulse